“The Commons Project was founded to build technology solutions where people are the central organizing principle.

The standards, ecosystems, services and tools we build now will transform how people access, manage, and share their data in an evolving digital world. Join us in empowering people with their data, unlocking massive improvements in healthcare, travel, public services, and much more.”

- Zhenya Lindgardt, CEO


Our Vision

Unlocking the potential of technology for the common good. 

Our Mission

To improve lives by empowering people to access, manage, and share their data. 

Supporting open data standards that promote interoperability

Developing global ecosystems to convene public and private partners

Building technology platforms and services that empower individuals with their own data

Our Core Principles


We believe people should be the organizing principle for technology solutions, and we strive to build products and services that meet the needs of individuals.


We believe in open systems and work to break down data silos across borders and institutions. The challenges we seek to address can only be addressed together.

Responsible Stewardship

Great technology products can be built and sustained in ways that respect individual privacy and provide informed consent.

Equitable Access

For technology to function as a public utility, it must be accessible to all people, regardless of identity, geography, or wealth.