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The Commons Project® is unlocking the potential of technology for the common good by advocating for globally interoperable standards; developing global ecosystems; and building tech solutions that empower individuals to access, manage, and share their data.

Promoting open, interoperable standards

SMART Health Cards mobile mockup

SMART Health Cards

SMART Health Cards are an open standard transforming how individuals access, hold, and share their clinical information, such as test results or vaccination records. 

Vaccination Credential Initiative (VCI)


As a founding member of VCI, The Commons Project is committed to developing and promoting open standards and data interoperability.

Developing global ecosystems

Graphic image representing different parts of the world interconnected

CommonTrust Network™

A global registry of trusted health organizations that are committed to providing individuals with access to their health information using open, interoperable standards.

Mobile mockup showing SMART® Health Card Verifier App

SMART® Health Card Verifier App

The app verifies people’s health information in a seamless and privacy-preserving way, benefiting businesses and the individuals they serve. 

Application scanner showing that the SMART Health Card is verified

Verification Solutions

A suite of solutions helping businesses big and small to verify health data reliably and at scale.

Empowering individuals with access to their data

Mobile mockup showing Common Health app


CommonHealth helps people access, manage, and share their health data. CommonHealth is designed to improve health outcomes by helping people engage with their health information.


CommonCheck is a digital service that helps governments and organizations verify the health status of individuals, helping communities reopen and recover.

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