Blog Post


Feb 2, 2024


On January 16-18, HL7 hosted this year’s first Connectathon. As with previous Connectathons attended by The Commons Project (TCP), this gathering brought together implementers and developers to foster technical discussions that push the boundaries of the FHIR specification. As always, the event featured a wide array of technical topics and standards, including one for our work with digital insurance cards.

In addition, we presented our CommonHealth Clinical Summary feature in the track for International Patient Summary (IPS).  The session included over 40 participants from 8 countries. Our Clinical Summary is an IPS document that contains all of the vital information from your patient record including medications, allergies, problems, immunizations, test results, procedures, and much more. The International part of an IPS means that the information can be easily accessed by healthcare providers anywhere in the world. 

Having a copy of your healthcare records in your CommonHealth application is fantastic, but having an IPS that you can securely share with healthcare providers or family members around the globe, is truly game changing. Our CommonHealth Clinical Summary IPS is one of the first, if not the first, production implementation of an IPS that enables patients to access and share their real-time clinical information using the globally accepted IPS standard. We then watched demonstrations from the WA Verify team representing the Washington State Department of Health, as well as the team from HAPI FHIR, a complete implementation of the HL7 FHIR standard for healthcare interoperability in Java.

At The Commons Project Foundation, our commitment lies in being at the forefront of emerging healthcare interoperability standards that offer tangible benefits to patients. Our focus is ensuring people have secure and easy access to their healthcare data. Participating in events like these Connectathons is pivotal, as they play a significant role in increasing the adoption of healthcare interoperability technologies. Our team at TCP is looking forward to attending many more of these gatherings in the future.