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Agile Metabolic Health and JupyterHealth: Transforming Health Data Collection

Dec 13, 2023

To date, the ability to integrate real world data from patients into research and care has been available to only the biggest and most technologically advanced organizations. Through the commitment to open source and open platforms, the UC San Francisco and UC Berkeley based Agile Metabolic Health (AMH) project aims to revolutionize the way health data is collected and interpreted in the treatment of metabolic disorders. By harnessing the power of open science, AMH aims to transform metabolic health care for patients with multiple chronic diseases, who constitute nearly 40% of the U.S. population.

Powered by JupyterHealth, an open platform that will facilitate the secure collection of health data from sensors and medical records, this project will utilize data from wearable devices like blood pressure cuffs and continuous glucose monitoring to create a new approach to healthcare. JupyterHealth will bring the Project Jupyter ethos – open source software, shareable notebooks and code to support reproducibility, and vendor-agnostic infrastructure – to enable new research collaborations for public benefit and transform health algorithm development. 

The Commons Project (TCP) is working closely with the project team to ensure the technical stack is fully interoperable with the standards and practices common in US healthcare. TCP shares the goal of making the ability to develop and use these technologies available to more organizations, and we want to ensure that our CommonHealth users are able to share their data with providers and researchers using the JupyterHealth platform. In the future, all parties focused on similar environmental challenges could leverage the same platform to serve their unique needs while retaining full control of their data and infrastructure.