The Commons Project Foundation Collaborates with Google To Introduce SMART® Health Cards for Android

Dec 8, 2021

PRESS RELEASE: The Commons Project Foundation Collaborates with Google To Introduce SMART® Health Cards for Android

Dec 8, 2021

Makes Mobile Covid-19 vaccination verification easier  

NEW YORK – In a collaboration between Google and The Commons Project Foundation, Android users who have access to SMART Health Cards can now simply and securely save these digital versions of their COVID-19 vaccination records as a shortcut on their home screen. They can also access these passes through Google Pay if needed.

With more than 150 million Americans now able to access their SMART Health Cards, this provides a simple and secure way for Android users to store and display their digital vaccination cards if needed for entry to workplaces, schools, restaurants, concert venues, airports, and other venues.

This feature is for users that have access to their SMART Health Card vaccination records, which are currently available to those vaccinated in U.S. states including Utah, New Jersey, California, New York, Hawaii, Louisiana, Virginia, and Washington at pharmacies including CVS Health, Walgreens and Walmart, and dozens of other verified SMART Health Card providers. Android users in the U.S. with access to SMART Health Cards can simply download the CommonHealth app and add their SMART Health Card digital vaccination record. Once saved on their phones or added to Google Pay digital wallet, the SMART Health Card vaccine credential is displayed as a QR code along with basic information about the Covid-19 vaccination.

SMART Health Cards are verifiable, privacy-protected, digital versions of an individual’s select clinical information, including Covid-19 vaccination records. SMART Health Cards are becoming increasingly available on digital devices across various platforms including Apple and Android and have been widely accepted across the U.S. as the de facto standard for digital vaccination credentials.

“CommonHealth’s collaboration with Google means that all Android users can be empowered with their own health data and conveniently and safely display health records as they choose,” said JP Pollak, co-founder and chief architect of The Commons Project. “Google Pay’s SMART Health Cards support marks a milestone in our efforts to expand access to personal, secure and digital health information to more and more people.”

How to Add Your Covid-19 Vaccination SMART Health Cards to Google Pay:

  • Step One: Refer to the Registry of Verified SMART Health Card Issuers for Vaccinations to see if your vaccine provider is issuing SMART Health Cards.
  • PLEASE NOTE: Paper CDC cards are not supported by CommonHealth at this time.
  • Step Two:  Download the CommonHealth app from the Google Play Store and follow instructions in the app to access your Covid-19 vaccine credential, by scanning or uploading a SMART Health QR code from a compatible issuer.
  • Step Three: Once you have access to your Covid-19 vaccine credential within the CommonHealth app, click the “Save to phone” link. You can save the digital pass on your phone’s home screen and access it through Google Pay.
  • Step Four: Tap on the digital pass on the home screen or open Google Pay and tap on “Covid-19 Vaccine Pass”

About The Commons Project Foundation

The Commons Project Foundation (“TCP”) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that builds and operates digital platforms and services for the common good. TCP was established in 2019 to create digital public infrastructure to fill the void left by tech companies and to reduce the burdens of governments. Since its founding, TCP has built a suite of digital products that operationalize the infrastructure of interoperable data standards (i.e., SMART Health Card Verifier App) and empower users with access to their health data (i.e., CommonHealth). TCP also co-created VCI, a broad coalition of public and private organizations dedicated to providing access to verifiable health records to people around the globe.

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