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Releasing Docket® SMART® Health Links

Sep 27, 2023

Our portable SMART Health Cards are verified versions of personal clinical information. As a user, they allow you to keep a copy of your important health records on hand and easily share this information if needed.

SMART Health cards contain a secure QR code and may be saved digitally or printed on paper. It is then no wonder that SMART Health Cards were extremely successful during COVID-19; what ended up becoming a digital travel record as essential as a passport was quickly adopted across the US healthcare ecosystem. SMART Health cards were available to hundreds of millions of people and supported by all of the major mobile phones.

As the next step for SMART Health Cards, The Commons Project is very excited to share our partnership with Docket to release SMART® Health Links for users of their mobile application. Available on a state-by-state basis, Docket develops consumer-facing vaccination record technology. SMART® Health Links allow users to securely share complete immunization records using passcode-protected URLs with configurable expiration dates. They update automatically and eliminate the need for individuals to share their records more than once. An audit log also reports when your SMART® Health was accessed, and users can deactivate at any point in time.

Very soon, people across the US will also be able to share extensive health data that may not easily ”fit” into a QR code or a mobile device, such as complete vaccination records. You will also be able to share data that changes over time, and bundle data from multiple different sources.

In keeping with our pioneering spirit, this collaboration is yet another step forward in advancing user-managed access and interoperability. TCP is beyond excited for the many promising future applications of this new health data standard.