About SMART® Health Cards

SMART® Health Cards are paper or digital versions of your clinical information, such as vaccination history or test results. SMART® Health Cards can be displayed as a QR code, allowing you to keep a copy of your records on hand and easily share this information with others if you choose.

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How to get a SMART® Health Card

You might receive a SMART® Health Card from any organization that has your clinical information, such as a pharmacy, doctor’s office, or insurance provider. You may also receive a SMART® Health Card from your state or country’s registry.

If you haven’t received one, you may be able to request it through that organization’s website or a compatible app.

Over 500 organizations around the world now issue SMART® Health Cards.
SMART® Health Cards are currently issued for COVID-19 vaccination and test records.
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How To Store Your SMART® Health Card

Once you have a SMART® health Card, you can keep it as a digital file on your phone, computer or anywhere you store digital information.

Android users can use CommonHealth to add their SMART Health Card to Samsung Pay or Google Pay.

You may also choose to keep a printed copy of your SMART Health Card.

Share and scan a SMART Health Card

How To Share Your SMART® Health Card

If you choose, you can share a SMART Health Card with others. You might show a SMART Health Card as proof of your health status at the door to a restaurant, for school registration, or when you travel.

To share a SMART Health Card, you can let someone scan the QR code (2D barcode), or send it as a file or through an app on your phone.

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About SMART® Health Cards

SMART Health Cards were created by VCI, a voluntary coalition of public and private organizations committed to empowering individuals with access to a trustworthy and verifiable copy of their vaccination records and other clinical information in digital or paper form using open, interoperable standards.

The Commons Project is proud to be a founding member of VCI.